How much does Wedding Photography Cost in Sydney

Hey, there! If you're planning your dream wedding in Sydney, you're probably curious about wedding photography costs and why costs vary so much. We, at Two Peaches Photography, are here to give you the lowdown on what factors can impact the pricing. So, sit back, relax and let's dive right in!

1. Hours of Coverage

Alright, so how much coverage do you need? From the "I do's" to the epic dance party, it all matters! Longer events with more coverage naturally mean higher costs. So, have a chat with us about your schedule, and we'll tailor a package to fit your needs and budget.

A wedding can be broken down into the following parts

  • The Morning Getting Ready
  • The Ceremony
  • The wedding couple + bridal party portrait session
  • The big party also known as the reception!!
  • The Farewell.

Depending on which parts of the weddings you want covered hours of coverage can range from 6hrs all the way up to 14hrs. Work with your photographer to come up with a package that best suits your coverage needs. This will influence the cost of your wedding photography coverage.

2. One Photographer vs. Two

Choosing between one or two photographers is like deciding between a single scoop or a double scoop of ice cream. Two photographers mean we can capture those tear-jerking moments from different angles. It might bump up the cost a bit, but trust us, you'll cherish those extra shots forever.

The Benefits of Two Wedding Photographers instead of One

  • Get more angles of coverage at any given time. More angles means more photos. Less likely to miss that moment!
  • We can cover two areas at any given time. Eg.
  • Boys Prep + Girls Prep
  • 1 Photographer can photograph details (church\ceremony area and Reception) while the other focuses on the bride and grooms. Going to 1 photographer meaning we have to be in a lot of places which means some photos might get missed.
  • We can split the teams. 1 photographer can focus on the bride and groom portraits while the other can focus on the bridal party. More fun more photos.
  • Family photos!! Family photos are very very important at a wedding. By having two photographers you can have one photographer making sure we grab the all important family and friends photos!!

3. Inclusions of Wedding AlbumsAND PRINTS

Picture this: flipping through a stunning wedding album that tells your love story in a tangible, heartfelt way. What about hanging that favourite wedding photo/family photo on the wall of your home! Our album packages come in different sizes, styles, and materials to suit your taste and hand made by the best in the business Queensberry Wedding Albums. It's more than just photos – it's a cherished keepsake! Different packages will impact the costs.

4. Number of Professionally Edited Photos Delivered

Did you know not every wedding photographer edits your wedding photos??? A lot of wedding photographers dump your "raw" unedited photos onto a disk and ask you to sort and cull an agreed number 50-300 and they will only edit those. Everything else is untouched. Now, let's talk about those professionally edited photos. All our wedding photography packages include a minimum set number of edited shots ranging from 600-1000+. If you want more, no worries, theres a good chance you will be delivered way more than what your package includes. We love wedding photography and we love editing all that we can deliver you. We want you to have all your favorite moments preserved perfectly.

5. Extra Charges (e.g., Travel Costs, Overtime): "No Sneaky Surprises!"

We like to keep things transparent, so you know exactly what you're getting into. If your wedding's outside of Sydney, there might be some travel expenses involved. Also, if the party keeps going late into the night, and you want us there, we'll discuss overtime charges upfront. All our additional costs are clear and transparent and reasonable. We wont charge you something that isnt agreed or isnt listed in our contract!

6. Wedding Photographer's Experience and Reputation

Reputation and experience is the biggest factor that drives cost of wedding package. The more experienced the crew, the more in demand they are by other studios keen to nick our talented team of photographers and videographers. We look after our team well!

Our team at Two Peaches Photography is passionate about capturing love stories. Our experience, style, and reputation come together to create magical memories. Check out our portfolio and rave reviews to see if our vibe matches yours!

Our crews are extremely experienced our senior photographers having well over 10 years of wedding photography experience in sydney. On top of that Two Peaches Photography is very well regarded in the industry and has been recognised as one of the best. Our google reviews speaks for itself.

7. Do you want wedding videos?

In the modern day and age of social media, wedding photos are becoming more and more important. Capturing that moving moment in film to cherish forever, watching the laughter of family and friends, your bridal party, the story of your day makes your wedding ever more memorable. You are also keeping a keepsake for your future generations. Having your children watch when mommy and daddy got married is a special moment. Here at Two Peaches Photography we offer different types of video packages to suit your needs. We also have packages that bundle photos and videos.

8. Quality of Photos

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality. Whether you love classic poses or candid moments, we've got you covered. We have been recognised by our couples, industry experts as having quality photos. Quality of the photos includes many many aspects

  • The composition of the photo.
  • The attention to detail to the photo. Is the photos crooked, is the background of the subject cluttered and messy? All the little things matter
  • The lighting captured? Does it feel special, is the lighting captured beautiful and clean and crisp
  • The poses, the portraits. Nothing worst than having terrible couple portraits or individual portraits where the angle is weird, the facial expression is weird, the photos seem bland and many more.
  • The editing! Editing is oh so important. It finishes off the photos. Do the photos look slick professional commercial quality?
  • The moment. Capturing the right moment is everything!!! the right facial reaction, the emotions, the tears, the hugs all make it special
  • The uniqueness of the photos! Does the photos look professional or look like it was taken with a phone ? Anyone can take great photos with a phone. What makes our photos different is ours are a bit more special!!

All these little details affect quality. Combined they are the difference between amazing photos or terrible photos

9. Professionalism!

This seems like a given but what does it really mean?? A professional and very experienced wedding photography team operates different to a beginner or mid level studio. Why?

  • They have set processes and procedures. Everything is slick professional and repeatable
  • We use professional level equipment to ensure we capture the best quality image photos and videos on your wedding day
  • Experience for any situation. We know how to handle the situation if the lighting is terrible, or it rains, or our equipment fails, nothing runs to plan, a disaster happens with your dress etc. We're calm professional and we'll take care of it. We've got your back!
  • Contigency Management. We shoot in multiple memory cards on the day, we have multiple camera bodies, we back up all your photos and videos to the cloud, the multiple hard drives. We're set up if one of our crew members get sick, we have a standby ready to step in.

All of these makes a huge difference to how well your wedding day will run!

So there you have it! Wedding photography costs isnt a mystery. They have lots of little things that contribute to the overall cost of package. At Two Peaches Photography, we want to capture your love in all its beauty, joy, and uniqueness. From the heartfelt vows to the crazy dance-offs, we're here to make your special day unforgettable. Get in touch with us today for a friendly chat and a customized quote. Your love story deserves to be told – let's make it happen! 🍑❤️

Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography
Wedding Photographer Sydney - Two Peaches Photography