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Our Photography Styles

This wedding photography style can be best described as very editorial, modern, chic, timeless and modern classical and is a popular style and color tone used for fashion labels and magazines. This style can be best described as part stylised posing and part candid and natural with a strong blend of color and black and white photos. Photos stand out and works really well with an urban environment, as it lends itself to this editorial look. Its a great style for those looking for something classy and stylish.

This Style does not work well in bright lighting conditions. This shooting style works well with overcast days, shadows, darker locations, mixed lighting conditions, and urban areas for that NYC Vogue or European vibe.

Common Photography Locations : City, Harbour, Industrial, Architecture, Sandstones backgrounds.

This style is Two Peaches Original Style since we were established over 10 years ago. It is our signature style and what we are very well known for. This style is very bright, soft feminine, light and airy and our color tones is very peachy and pastel. This style mimics the old school medium format film look and is a style that is favoured a lot by a lot of the worlds best and most famous wedding photographers. This style is very timeless and classical. It is commonly shot outdoors in very bright well lit environments with lots of natural sunlight. Please note this look is hard to achieve without natural sunlight

This style does not work well in absence of sunlight, natural lighting or dark evironments. This style works extremely well in bright well lit days in natural settings and greenery for that pastel color tone and soft brightness.

Common Photography Locations : Common Grassy Locations\Fields, Water frontage like beaches, forest with lots of greenery, farms, homesteads and cottages etc.

The rich and colorful style is best described as very vibrant, contrasty and rich in color tones. The photos have a beautiful sharp deep contrasts, deep greens and warm tones and colors tend to pop and stand out. The brightness of the photos is very balanced without being too bright or too dark. This is a great style for those that loves colors, a bit of pop and vibrance. It is commonly shot in lush natural environments with rich greens and other warm color palete. Great color style for sunsets, forrests, autumns and other lush green natural environments

This style does not work well in bright sunlight. It is a shooting style best suited for darker areas with large contrasts and color pops such as greenery, with flowers/foilage that are colorful. Also works very well for urban areas like alleyways and backgrounds with darker walls, backgrounds.

Common Photography Locations : City, Industrial, Architecture, Sandstones backgrounds, areas with large amount of greenery & colors (eg The Grounds of Alexandria) and other well shaded areas.

Some of our Favourite Galleries

Over the years we have shot a number of weddings, engagements we absolutely loved and want to share with you. Here is a selection of some of our favourites albums over the years to give you a feel of what a complete set of wedding photos might look like for you.

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