Your Queensberry Luxury Wedding Album

A common question we get asked is How many photos do we choose for our wedding album? How do we select our photos and send you our photo selections? This page will explain how to select your favourite photos for us to create your wedding album.

Q. How many photos do we select. ?

A. Select approximately 3-4 photos per side. If your album has 26 sides then you chose 104 images for your wedding album.

TIP: Selecting too many photos will clutter up your album layout and design. Do not select too many photos for your albums. It is good to have some pages with only 1 hero image or two beautiful images.

Q. What do we do after we have selected our favourite photos?

A. Send us the link to your favourite photos.

Q. How does the album design process work?

A. Our graphic designers will take your list of photos and do a draft design and layout based on your shot selections. Once we have completed a draft layout, we will email you your draft design for review/feedback and design revisions. Once you are happy with the over all design, you send us an approval for publication and production.

Q. How long will it take to get our wedding albums.

A. This process can take up to 12 months due to the fact the albums are hand made. Please also be mindful that ongoing supply chain issues is having a significant impact on our suppliers, so delivery times are taking longer than desired. We please ask your patience during these challenging times. It is out of our hands once Queensberry takes our order.

How to send us your list of photos for your wedding album?

  1. Go to your wedding album link provided by us. If you dont have your wedding album link or have forgotten it please contact
  2. In your album, click the love heart icon as show in the picture.

Type in the email address you wish to use to save your profile.

Once you are in your profile, click create new list

Label your new list eg Wedding Albums.

If you have prints you can create a new list also called wedding prints. This will allow you to save your favourite prints list and email them to us for large format printing.

TIP: You can also use this method to create a new list of photos to share with family, friends etc. This way you can currate the list of wedding photos you want to share with friends and family and limit them access to your main album.

Once you have created your favourite list, go back to your album and start "favouriting" your photos you would like to include in your wedding albums.

Note the red arrow pointing to the love heart. This is how you favourite your photo. Should you chose to change your mind and remove that favourite photo from your album list, just "unclick" the love heart icon to remove from your list.

To access your favourites once you have finished choosing your photos, click on the love heart icon in your gallery to access your favourite lists.

When you have completed your whole selection process, go back to your wedding album favourites and click send. Note the "paper aeroplane" icon

Choose get link from the drop down options.

Copy the link provided to you and email us this link.

When you email this link to us, our graphic designers can access all your photos download them and commence album layout and design.

If you have created other list, you can share the link to friends and family to view your curated list of photos if you dont wish for them to access your entire gallery

Choosing your Queensberry Luxury Wedding Album Style + Customisations

For our wedding albums, Two Peaches Photography only sells Queensberry Wedding Albums regarded as one of the best luxury album makers in the world. Their wedding albums are hand made in New Zealand crafted from the finest materials. Printing from Queensberry is second to none with rich vibrant colors printed to an exacting standard and color accuracy as Two Peaches intended.

If you have a wedding album in your package Two Peaches Photography inclusions as a standard include the following

Additional customisations are available for your wedding album. Customisations includes

  • Overlay Matt Design (contact us for custom pricing)
  • Duo Design (contact us for custom pricing)
  • Additional Standard Pages + $65 per page
  • Leather Cover options (Genuine & Micro Leather) + $375
  • Fine Art Stock Paper + $18.50 per page
  • Cover Photo for Album Cover + $65
  • Queensberry Designer Album Box + $210
  • Custom Embossing + $75
  • Personal Design Custom Embossing + $300
  • 7" Parent Album + $310 (each)
  • 10" Parent Album + $450 (each)
  • Upgrade Album Sizes up to 18"x12"

Please note all prices above do not include GST. GST will be calculated once all options are selected. Please note, prices are subject to change from our suppliers.

Q. Ok. We have chosen our photos we would like in our albums. Whats the next Step.

A. Visit Queensberry Website and select the cover materials you would like for your album.

  • Advise our team the cover material
  • Advise our team the cover material color
  • If you would like to change your album options advise our team what changes you would like.
  • Any additional options/upgrades to your album, our friendly team will send you a personal quote.
  • Album Design and orders will not commence until order invoice is paid.