5 Reasons to plan your wedding during the COVID 19 crisis

2020 has been a challenging year in Australia with major Bushfires impacting a number of popular wedding venues in NSW & VIC and the subsequent COVID Pandemic putting Australia and the rest of the World into hiatus. This has obviously meant that many weddings planned for 2020 in Sydney and surrounding areas has been put on hold throwing many weddings into chaos. Brides planning to book their weddings for 2021 are obviously nervous with the uncertainty surrounding COVID. But there is a silver lining amongst all the chaos and uncertainty of COVID-19. With restrictions easing and people being cautiously optimistic as COVID-19 eases in Australia, now maybe a good time to consider a wedding in Sydney and the beautiful surrounding areas. 

1.  Make your guest list the A-list. The ones who mean the most to you!

It goes without saying the less guests the more manageable. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, weddings can only have up to 20 guests (changing regularly as the government updates their policies) plus the people conducting or assisting in the conduct of the service, a photographer, a videographer, and the couple. Keeping the guestlist minimal will keep things intimate and comes with more quality face time.

2.  Hiring a funky, interesting and smaller wedding venue. Save some $$

Current COVID-19 restrictions only allows for food and drink premises to seat a maximum of 20 guests (at time of publications) at any one time – this includes cafes and restaurants, a restaurant within a registered club or pub, or a cellar door that serves food. In other words, a venue can only serve 20 people at a time, so you can book out a whole venue with just 20 guests. Venues are slowly opening up and its a great opportunity to book that funky cool little hip place you have always loved for your intimate gathering.

 3. Ask for those Vendor discounts

As a result of the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 crisis, many vendors are offering discounts on their services when they normally wouldnt. For example, there are currently many online bridal boutiques offering up to 70% off wedding dresses and wedding photographers in Sydney are offering discounts for bookings in 2020 and 2021 to encourage couples to book services with them. Now is a fantastic opportunity to grab that discount and save some money and more importantly your favourite vendor may now be available due to rescheduling or cancellation of wedding.

4.  Delay that Honeymoon plans

With the current international travel ban, couples may not be able to travel right after their wedding which may not be a bad idea. Instead, take your time plan an epic honeymoon and make that honeymoon more special and really plan out where you would like to travel. Did you know as countries ease restrictions, Arlines and Hotels and travel providers are heavily discounting and keen for you to visit, travel and stay with them. Its a great opportunity to do more, see more, enjoy more and best of all save lots of money!

5.  Splurge wisely

Keeping your wedding simple will help you save money to spend on necessities or save up for future use.

3 Things to consider if you wish to have a wedding in 2020 during COVID 2020

It is possible to still get married in 2020 as long as you follow these simple rules!! Weddings are special and important and the last thing we want to do is break the law or make our precious family and friends sake.

1.  Know the rules. Stay Informed

The COVID situation is rapidly evolving with policies and restrictions imposed to manage the COVID outbreak and more importantly keep everyone safe. As policies and regulations change regularly know your rules. Make sure you know what you can and cannot do. To get more information visit these websites

2.  Keep Safe

There is nothing more important than keeping your loved ones safe and keeping yourself safe if you plan to have a wedding during COVID 2020. With a few simple tips you can have that special and memorable wedding with out the nasty memories afterwards.

  • Know the rules and follow the rules
  • Practice Safe Social Distancing
  • Sanitise! We are seeing a lot of weddings recently with hand sanitisers thoughtfully distributed through the weddings so guest can keep their hands clean.
  • Mask up!! Provide masks to your guest so that if they wish to, they can wear masks and stay protected
  • Disposable items such as cups, plates etc if you are planning on providing catering to your guests
  • Sick?? If your guests are feeling sick tell them to stay home. Dont attend. Follow all the government health guidelines. Nothing worse than a sick guest spreading their germs amongst family and friends.
  • Make sure your vendors are practicising safe hygiene and they are following all Health Guidelines

3.  Know what type of wedding you want!!

With so many restrictions and limitations, that big fancy wedding and party you wanted to have may not be possible. But that doesnt mean you cant have your dream wedding! Know what you want. Be specific and make sure your vendors know. This will ensure you get the best out of your wedding day. Popular things people are doing

  • Have an elopment wedding. Just you, your partner, celebrant and witness. Your photographer can be your witness did you know ?
  • Have a small ceremony that complies with government guidelines with your closest family and friends
  • Separate your wedding ceremony and host your reception at another time. This idea is fantastic as it allows you to maximise the day to get heaps of photos and videos but more importantly allows you to celebrate with all your family and friends at another time.