Top 100 Wedding Photographer in Australia and New Zealand.

Two Peaches Photography has been a long established wedding photographer in Sydney for close to 10 years. Over the years we have had the joy and pleasure of photographing many amazing weddings here in Sydney, The Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Melbourne, New Zealand and all over the world. This joy and passion of ours can be seen in the images we capture and the amazing feedback and reviews we get from our wonderful clients.

Wedding Photography is an evolving art and we are always learning to perfect our art form and to capture even more amazing weddings. it is a huge honour for us and our teams, when our past and current clients refer their friends and family to us and rave about our photos, videos and our service. To us that is an amazing reward and accolade in itself.

Over the years, Two Peaches Photography has never chased any awards or other accolades and has always been happy with the recognition our clients give us. So it was a very pleasant surprise recently when SLR Lounge one of the biggest and most well recognised photography blog on the planet contacted us to advise us we had been selected as one of the top 100 wedding photographers in Australia and New Zealand. Given how many amazing wedding photographers there are in Australia and New Zealand we were very excited to be named the top 100.

How did we get selected? To Quote from SLR Lounge themselves.

Step 1: We first compiled multiple lists of award-winners, instructors, and industry leaders from a variety of respected sources. These sources included the following:

  • Conference Speakers – Educators from conferences like The Photography Show, The Societies of Photographers, Photokina, WPPI, PhotoPlus, Imaging USA, Canada Photo Convention, CreativeLive, and Mystic Seminars, and other conferences
  • Award Winners – Photographers recognized by respected sources like Fearless Photographers, Pop Photo, Junebug Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, SLR Lounge, American Photo Mag, and other publications.
  • Brand Ambassadors – Sponsored photographers from respected brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Profoto, Kodak, MagMod, and the MAC Group lineup of products.

Step 2: We ran these lists through a formula to find the reoccurring names. If a name or studio appeared more than once, they were up for consideration. We then looked for the following:

  • Working Photographers – Since this is a list of the best wedding photographers for 2020 (and not an “all-time” list), we wanted to ensure that each artist was active. For this, we looked for clues like their blog entry dates and the contents of their social media activity.
  • Artists and Not Just Educators – The formula revealed some photographers who are well-known educators but lacked in artistry in comparison to the rest of the results. These were eliminated.
  • Artists and Not Just Networkers – The formula also revealed some photographers who are well connected in the industry but lacked in artistry in comparison to the rest of the results. These were also eliminated.

Step 3:  We went through the long process of reviewing each portfolio for the following characteristics:

  • Uniqueness and Creativity – This list favors photographers who are doing something different. Some are pioneering new techniques, others see art in places where most photographers would overlook.
  • Artistry and Vision – This list also favors photographers who have a complete vision for the final product. In their images, you can see how all elements of the scene work together (the subjects, location, post-processing, and more) for a beautiful, cohesive, final product.
  • Timing and Emotion Capture – This list also favors photographers who have a knack for being in the right place at the right time to create emotional photojournalism.
  • Consistency – This list favors photographers who produce consistent quality from shoot to shoot. One single great shot (or even a large set of great shots) is not enough to make the list.

Step 4:  We then compared portfolios again and continued to eliminate until we cut the list down to 95 photographers.

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